The aim is to give a promotion to a certain partner by promoting its brand on the Internet. The webmaster is paid a commission by the partner each time any action (such as click, sale, form filling etc.) is performed with the help of the marketing tools iGA will give you.
Being an iGA affiliate, you become a partner of the program that gets major European campaigns connected with gambling and sport betting and get paid for each new player you advise to our partners. You just need to give a promotion to the campaigns proposed to your customer base. Each customer who makes use of the visuals related to the campaign to bet or only to open an account (it depends on the kind of campaign) can bring you money.
In case you have a website or want to promote brands related to gambling on the Internet, you may: 

1. Register on the iGA Program for free 
2. Help promote iGA campaigns, such as Sportsbook, Casino, Poker and Games products 
3. Earn money for the lifetime of the players you refer to our partners
It's very easy. After you have joined our program, you will be given a unique affiliate ID for each iGA campaign you are eager to promote. Then choose one of our marketing tools to your liking and your relevant affiliate ID will be transformed into the code, which will allow us tracking each of your customers who click on it. In case he/she registers a customer account you get a commission every time a customer opens an account or deposits money on the products you have promoted.
Not much. All you have to do is to fill in an online application form one page long giving your contact information and some of your details. After the registration you can enter your account where you can add your sites, register for campaigns, receive necessary marketing materials (banners, text links) and start earning your commissions and promoting our partners.
Yes, it is. It is allowed to have several sites as an affiliate. Your affiliate account lets you watch the events on each of your sites separately, with one aggregate payment issued monthly.
No, you don’t. It is more convenient for you to use the same account for all your websites. It is possible to use the same links for all your websites.
No, it isn’t. iGA is happy to have affiliates worldwide.
The amount depends on you only. The more players you advise to our websites the more money you may earn.
Each iGA link you place on your website contains your affiliate ID. So, every time your website visitor clicks on one of your iGA links, gets registration as a new player and plays the promoted product (such as Sportsooks, Casino, Poker or Games), you earn commission.
No, you can’t. Our affiliates are not allowed to earn commission from their own customer accounts.
All your website reports you can track in webmaster panel an access to which you will get with the help of your IGA account. You can choose the time period/campaign/sites you are interested in. The reports give the impressions’ number of the marketing materials set by you, the number of clicks on them, the number of the registrations, the number of depositors as well as the sum of your earnings.
iGA affiliates are paid via bank wire, Moneybookers, Neteller and Paypal. That’s why it is necessary for each affiliate to complete his/her banking information as soon as possible and make sure it is correct. There is no need to contact us in case of your banking information update; our team will be automatically informed by e-mail.
Payments are processed monthly, using the payment information filled in the affiliate account. iGA affiliates are paid 30 to 45 days after a given month.
No, it isn’t. It is more convenient for you to use the same account for all of your websites. It is also possible to use the same links for all of your websites.
All payment information is located in the “Account Information” section of your account in the “Balance and bills” part.
The negative rollover depends on the advertiser chosen by you. Many of our campaigns don’t have a negative rollover. As a rule, the information about negative rollover is given in the description of every campaign. If this information is not available ask your manager.
Commission is based on 2 structures:

- CPA structure: you earn a commission after a player opens an account and deposits money on it. The obligatory minimum deposit is around 15€. You don't get the commission in case the player pays less than it. Still, for the majority of our campaigns the minimum deposit corresponds the minimum a player can deposit on his/her account.

- Revenue Share structure: This is where you receive a percentage of the money staked by Real Money Players you refer to us directly or via one of your sub-affiliates. We calculate your revenues at the end of every month, and we pay your earnings during the following month.

- Hybrid (A mixture of CPA and Revenue Share): This is where you get the best of both worlds. Money upfront for Depositing Players and then a share of their revenue produced over time. This Plan is not for everyone so you will need to request this from your Account Manager.
You can earn up to 5% from the earnings of your referrals of the first level and up to 3% from the referrals of the second level. To learn more about our sub-affiliate program contact your manager.
Choose the campaign and then use the HTML code located on the right side of the page (which contains your unique affiliate ID) that you may cut and paste into your website. It is very user-friendly, even for the beginners, and takes a very little time to place a link or a banner on your website.
A large choice of banners, text links and related marketing tools for each campaign is provided by iGA. You need only to log in to your affiliate account and find the “Campaigns” section of our site, then click on “register”, after which :

1. Choose the campaigns you would like to promote by checking the corresponding box

2. Click on “Register to selected campaigns”

Note that some campaigns have a direct validation, while others need a validation delay, because we need to check whether the content of the website suits our partners’ condition (such as adult content etc.) so it can take several days.

In case you can not find the size of banners you want, or you wish to customize banners according to your site and traffic type - please contact us and you will be provided with any marketing tools you need.
You will be sent a monthly newsletter with updates and promotions by the iGA affiliate programs. In case you do not receive our newsletters, please follow these steps:

Make sure your e-mail address mentioned in your account details is correct.

Check your spam/junk folder and add [email protected] to your "safe list".

Contact our online support team and you will be assisted with receiving our monthly newsletters

It is always possible to view the latest newsletter by checking the iGA homepage. You will also find latest News and Press Releases there in case you would like to upload them to your own websites.
Yes, it is. After your registering as an affiliate, you get access to your iGA account. You can change your account information through the “Account information” section as many times as it is necessary.
You don’t need to. Our team will be informed with an automatic e-mail that your banking information has been modified.
Your account information is safe and secure with iGA. Refer to our terms and conditions for more information.
After you have logged in, you may trace your performance by checking your reports.
After the player has opened an account and has made one of the actions allowing you to get the commissions (eg. money depositing or a loss...) the commissions will be shown on your account in the following way: At first information about the number of the registrations, deposits and also the commission amount and benefit is not confirmed and is given in brackets. It means that the data are being checked. The profit related to these potential commissions will be shown only after the data have been checked, i.e. the confirmed profit will be moved into the field without brackets.
Stats are updated every hour.
As often as you want. The “Reports” section of the website is updated every hour with the latest information about your site.
Click here for our Terms and Conditions
It depends on the partner whether to allow our affiliates to promote our partners’ brands on adult content website or not, because some of them accept this and some refuse. It's usually mentioned in the description of the campaign. If you add adult content please contact us to make sure you can promote the campaigns on our website.
Find the “contact” section on the website, and go ahead with asking your question there.